Sara Laimon Luke

saraBorn in Wisconsin, I have always been connected to nature.  I grew up above a bait shop and the formative part of my life I have spent trying to protect humans from over consuming our earth’s finite resources.  In my studies and practice I have watched humans who are connected to their surroundings have a less likely chance of destroying it.  My connection to Yoga happened early on in my life, because it allowed me to connect my breath, mind, movement and spirit to source.

My discovery during my years of practicing has given me a desire to share this insight with as many humans as possible;  if you connect yourself to source you will be happier.  Yet, sometimes yoga was boring, just doing it on my mat, without the human connection.

The day I found myself on top of someone’s feet, flying,  my life has never been the same.  I always wanted to share  a different approach to yoga, an approach with more fun, play, joy, and transformation.  I’ve been a yoga teacher/partner yoga teach for a long time, but in 2012 became a certified acroyoga teacher with my love/husband/partner/co-teacher Whakapaingia.  Therefore, yoga becomes double the fun, because now I can teach others how to play together.  They get to experience the joy, the play and the connection yoga gives while strengthen their connection/relationships to other humans.

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