New Year New You – Group Detox & Cleanse

Join us on our 30-Day Group Detox & Cleanse journey during the month of January for a New Year, New You.
What is this 30 Day journey about?
Nourishing your CELLS.
Nourishing your SELF.
The products we use are gentle and can be combined with ANY eating plan — ketogenic, paleo, vegan, clean eating … it’s your choice.
It’s NOT a one size fits all program. BUT it has a TON of support led by team of Certified Health Coaches and Nutritionist. This journey will include an entire week of prep work in the first week allowing you to write down your intentions and your “WHY”. Once complete, you will receive support from a large community of people who have similar goals of improving their health and overall wellness from the inside out.
This isn’t a “quick fix” or a “starvation diet”.
Begin today with a mindful intention for total wellness. The support is FREE. You’ll get your products at wholesale price. PM me for more info. I can also share an informational video I created about the cleanse so you have a better idea of what’s involved.
Although this program starts January 4th, it’s NEVER too late to start. You can join in at anytime.
Cheers to a healthy and vibrant New Year!

Contact Ronda for details 262.695.2262  |

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