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Join My Team

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work on your own terms?  Your schedule?  Your goals?  Do you want more from your time?  Would a more flexible schedule allow you to parent in a more effective way, eliminate the need for daycare or work from a remote location you’ve been wanting to visit more often?  Can you honestly say you “love” what you do every day?

From personal experience, I’ve always known and appreciated the benefits of using Essential Oils here at the Studio.  It wasn’t until I spent a few months at a Holistic Medical Clinic in Reno supporting my son’s care when I saw firsthand how much Essential Oils can support the body.  Recognizing the important role that traditional western medicine play in our lives, it’s worth noting that alternative medicine and using Essential Oils brings a complementary balance to one’s overall well-being.   It’s a lifestyle worth embracing.   There is much to learn and grow within this field that will benefit everyone.  When you Join My Team — you’ll have the support and expertise on your side to coach you along the way as you teach and educate future clients.

Are you interested in owning your own business, being your OWN boss, and enjoying flexibility and freedom of work & life integration?

If you want to know more about partnering with our fast ranking team, contact us today.


In your email, tell me these 4 things:

1.  How could essential oils benefit you or your family? (Health wise or financially)
2.  What has your experience with essential oils been?
3.  How will you incorporate essential oils into your lifestyle?
4.  Your phone number with a good time to contact you.

Our team of Wellness Advocates has access to training websites, webinars, conference calls and personal, daily support.  We have our own online community in which we mastermind business initiatives and help each other navigate the best approach to a successful entrepreneurship.

This business is for you if:

  • You’re interested in creating a stream of income that aligns with your core interest in health & wellness.
  • You already have a business related to wellness such as a Spa, Yoga Studio, Chiropractic Office,  Physical Therapy Practice,  Dental Office, Coaching Business, Nutrition Business, etc.
  • You’re a mom who wants a more flexible schedule so you can be an asset to your family and still pursue a career.
  • You are retired or are changing careers and want to add to your income stream.
  • You want to create an exciting business opportunity that you can grow.

This is your opportunity to develop your own business as an entrepreneur using a duplicatable model that has been shown to work.  I will show you how to get started with a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT–the BEST way to buy your essential oils, get oils for FREE every month AND even earn additional LOYALTY REWARDS so ultimately you are buying your essential oils BELOW wholesale every single month.  You’ll be getting the same great deals I get.  I teach you how to do this and how to model the business plan so you succeed.

Can You Be Successful?

YES.  Anyone willing to be coached and to put in the effort can have a successful experience.


I will help you form your action plan so you achieve abundance in your financial life while simultaneously experiencing a more holistic approach to health and wellness.  On this team, we begin with mindset and you will investigate your “WHY”…the purpose and payoff of your actions… to help you create a unique approach to your own business.  Your business should help you become a fully expressed person with purpose & vitality.

I like to speak with potential Wellness Advocates before they join.

Let’s talk.

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