Pilates Equipment

Pilates Equipment

pilates equipment

Description: PILATES is known for it’s amazing ability to strengthen your core, improve back stability and create a long, lean, supple look to your body.  Clients move through a system of classical exercises lying face down, face up, sitting and standing.

PILATES EQUIPMENT is just one component of the whole system of exercises that Pilates offers.  Using the Reformer, Chair & Tower Unit, the resistance created by the springs and straps on the equipment enables the bodies to become lengthened and strong.  When you work out on equipment such as the Reformer, your movements and the weight of your body are supported by the carriage as well as by a system of springs varying in resistance.  The specially designed springs help tailor the degree of difficulty.  The equipment can simplify Pilates concepts for beginners as well as provide unique challenges for more advanced levels.

Levels of Pilates:

  • BEGINNER:  Due to the advanced level of skills required for these classes, Beginner | New Clients are not permitted to take Pilates Equipment Group Classes without prior approval from one of our certified instructors.  This is required for safety reasons.  Thank you.
  • INTERMEDIATE | ADVANCED PILATES EQUIPMENT:  An intermediate class that includes specific advanced exercises depending on the client’s progress. A full understanding of the equipment is required to take this class.  Clients must first be cleared by one of our certified instructors before attending these Group Classes.

Group Class vs Private Lessons:
The goal for each Group Class session is to ensure each client gets the full benefit from their class experience.  Some clients may need more individualized attention than others depending on skill level.  For this reason, we encourage Intermediate | Advanced level clients to take Private Lessons with one of our certified instructors. This one-on-one attention enables us to modify | enhance your confidence level by teaching you the exercises tailored to fit your body’s particular needs as you grow.

Please contact our studio to schedule Private lessons with one of our certified instructors at 262.695.2262 to ensure that you learn the Pilates Equipment exercises properly and safely.  Thank you.

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