Nov 2014: Anatomy Trains Workshop – Fascial Training

Nov 1-2 2014:  Anatomy Trains® Workshop for Fascial Training

anatomy-trains-albinius-2Thomas Myers’
for Fascial Training

Presented by Eli Thompson
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November 1-2, 2014



Times:  Saturday:  10am – 6pm
Sunday:  9am – 5pm
Cost:    $395
14 CEC PMAs;  1.4 CEUs NASM;  14 CEs NCBTMB


The Anatomy Trains map applies to assessment and person-specific application in all forms of personal training from Yoga to Pliometrics.  The recent surge of research on fascia and its response to training is yielding specific ‘take-aways’ for the world of fitness, conditioning, and training, as well as the world of foam rollers and manual therapy.  In this workshop, designed for personal trainers, dancers, Pilates and yoga instructors, as well as interested manual therapists, we will review the fascia as a body-wide organ system that gets trained, repairs itself, and keeps us together, go over ‘what’s in’ and ‘what’s out’ suggested by current findings, including an overview of the Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians, Tom Myers’ revolutionary mapping of the fascial connections through the muscles.

The limitations of the old mechanistic way of looking at body movement are becoming very evident. The ‘Anatomy Trains’ maps out one of the major elements in ‘Fascial Training’ – the long fascial and myofascial kinetic chains that sequence and stabilize movement.  Understanding these ‘myofascial meridians’ allows for new insights in training for stability and efficiency in movement.  The Anatomy Trains is a component in the body’s ‘tensegrity’ engineering, which operates from a cellular to a macro body mechanics level.

This course includes the latest research results relevant to today’s trainer in the construction, injury repair, force transmission, postural compensation, response to various forms of stretch, elasticity, fascial neurology, hydration and aging, as well as fascial pain – all of which are taking place within the extra-cellular matrix of fibers and mucopolysaccharide ‘glue’

See and feel the various layers and types of fascial tissue, understand all the fascial elements and their properties, how ‘sensori-motor-amnesia’ can rob us of our full potential, how rest is important to tissue health, and how all the fascial tissues ‘hang together’ to make total body movement.

Come have a look at the new anatomy!


Eli Thompson has been practicing massage therapy since 1999 and KMI Structural Integration since 2003. In 2005, he became a Certified Teacher of Kinesis. With a background in mechanical engineering, a history of Martial Arts, and a family of five, Eli is effectively able to weave complex scientific theories into the constant movement and humanity of life. He finds satisfaction in conveying to his students “the seamless wonder of our bodies, our minds, and our experience of life itself”.


Cancellation Policy:

  •  8 weeks from class date, tuition will be fully refunded minus $100 admin fee
  •  4 weeks from class date, tuition will be refunded at 50%
  •  Cancellations after October 1, 2014 are nonrefundable.
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