Jun 2011: A Kathy Grant Retrospective with Cara Reeser

Jun 4 & 5, 2011: A Kathy Grant Retrospective with Cara Reeser


Presenter: CARA REESER
Owner of Pilates Aligned
Denver, Colorado

JUNE 4 & 5
Saturday:  11am-6pm
Sunday: 9am-4pm
PMA Approved – 10 CEC

Kathleen Stanford Grant began her studies with Joseph Pilates in the mid 1950’s in his New York City studio.  In the years that followed, she carried on the work she learned from her teachers Joe and Clara Pilates, her mentor Carola Trier and her peers,teaching what we now call Pilates. Kathy taught with a deep understanding and sensitivity; she was a healer, using her imagination, her experience and her intuition as her guide. In the five decades that she taught, she developed a stunning vocabulary, view and method that she passed along to her closest students.  In this course, Cara will share a very personal and treasured collection of exercises, images, and stories through her lens.

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