Jan 8, 2016: MFR Restorative Yoga Workshop

Jan. 8, 2016: MFR Restorative Yoga Workshop

duet-pilatesMyofascial Restorative Yoga Workshop
with Emer Rea Brothers



Friday, January 8, 2016
6pm – 7:15pm

$20 per workshop
Limit 10 per Workshop

MFR Restorative Yoga:  Lower Body Sequence

Come join us for for an hour of learning how to release fascial restrictions, using Myofascial Release techniques, balls, Yoga postures and your own body weight. We will use basic Asanas from traditional Yoga, but add a therapeutic perspective with balls and blocks, along with movement, to help with digging into those tight Hamstrings, Glutes, Hips, Calves and Low Back areas! Places that I generally see or talk to clients about anyway!  Imagine freeing up some of these tight areas and helping take that tension out of your day! This is not a come and get sweaty type of workshop. It is a very gentle class, moving within the realms of your body’s range of motion. It is for you to find and learn how to unwind your own tight tissue and continue it as a regular part of your fitness training. Think of it as a massage for all those troublesome areas, that you can easily learn to do yourself. This workshop is for everyone, of all abilities and stiffness!

For more information, please contact:
Contact Emer for details:  262-309-8182  |  Register Online here


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