Aug 2011: Apparatus Playground


August 20 & 21, 2011:  The Apparatus Playground with Amy Lange & Cara Reeser

This Workshop has been postponed until this Winter.  Stay tuned for more details.

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Owner of Pacific Pilates;  Encinitas, California
Owner of Pilates Aligned;  Denver, Colorado

AUGUST 20 & 21 –  POSTPONED UNTIL WINTER – Stay Tuned for Details!
Saturday:  Chair – 11am-6pm
Sunday:  Reformer – 9am-4pm
$400  $350 by June 30

PMA Approved
• Low Chair 6 CEC
• Reformer 6 CEC

August 19, 2011
Friday:  6pm-7:30pm

Course Description: Having an endless infatuation with the moving body, energy, space, gravity and big bold movement, Amy Lange and Cara Reeser offer an opportunity to jump in, on and off the Pilates apparatus.  Emphasizing our relationship to spring tension, points of contact and moving energy we will use the Pilates repertory as our template to engage and ground ourselves in the subtle and playful energy of the apparatus.

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